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In 1831 the proud history of Belltrees began. It was then that the pioneer ancestors of the White family of Belltrees settled on this wide and virgin land near Scone in the rich and fertile Upper Hunter Valley.

The gracious Belltrees Homestead (1908) is now the private residence of Michael and Judy White. Guests of the Country House are shown through the Homestead as part of their property tour.

In 1901 a hundred people worked in the shearing shed where 180 000 sheep were shorn. Also on the payroll were nine stockmen, three bullockies, two gardeners and sundry carpenters, grooms and horse breakers.

Shearing ShedBy 1912 the estate covered 65 000 hectares. It was surrounded by over 3000 km of fencing and had 64 houses scattered across it.

Today Belltrees utilises 9000 hectares of prime country fronting the Hunter River. The historic village consists of the original 1836 homestead which is now a museum, the main homestead (1908), a slab trading store (1836), a 42-stand shearing shed (1879), community hall and public school (1879), manager’s house (1901), post office (1901) and St James’s Chapel (1970).

The White family are proud to be associated with this heritage. The business is owned and operated by two brothers, Antony and Peter White, whose children are the seventh generation to grow up on Belltrees.

The emphasis on wool as the key enterprise has changed and now Black Angus cattle graze the pasture alongside polo ponies.

Sadly, many old and established Australian country estates have changed hands; however, the White family are committed to preserving and retaining their rural heritage so that others might enjoy it in future.

By visiting Belltrees and sharing in its ancestry you are contributing to its preservation.

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