History of Kings Plains Castle
Old Station Store Cemetery
Old Station Store
In 1832 William Vivers, an immigrant from Dumfries in Scotland, first settled the property Kings Plains, 25,000 hectares of promising pastoral land between Glen Innes and Inverell on the rich New England tablelands of northern New South Wales.

In 1908 his great-nephew, George Vivers, began construction of what would become one of the most magnificent family homes in the country. He created a 28-room, 3-level castle complete with a tower and battlements and filled it with priceless antiques from around the world. It is known as King Plains Castle. It is said that George built it as a reminder of his Scottish heritage.

The Hollingworths have now refurbished the grand home and developed an exclusive guesthouse with nine rooms available for accommodation. The castle is rich in history, and each room has been named after a character in the history of Kings Plains Station.

Now you have the opportunity to share that feeling. We invite you to step back in time and experience this priceless piece of Australian pastoral history. Stay with us as a guest at Kings Plains Castle.

Historic Shearing Shed Shearing Shed
Shearing Shed
Shearing Shed Interior

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