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South West

Wildflowers at Stirling Range Retreat
Banksia Chittick

Autumn — March–May

The weather is cooling down and dawn is not quite so early in the morning. It is a magic time for bushwalking, and a head-in-the-clouds experience!

Winter — June–August

When strong southerly winds and widespread frosty conditions occur, walkers return from the summit of Bluff Knoll with tales of snow flakes in the air. Winter is good hiking weather for well prepared walkers.

Spring — September–November

In late August the Acacias, Hakeas, Banksia Coccineas and the Queen of Sheba orchids bloom. The height of the wildflower season continues into October.

Summer — December–February

In October and November Mountain Bells bloom above 300 metres. On the mountain tops the flowers are at their best in December and January.

  Spider Orchids
Caladenia heberleana
Pixie Mop
Petrophile teretifolia
Kangaroo Paw
Anigozanthos humilis

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