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The Thorngrove project began at a time when tourism potential of this region was virtually untapped, with no 5-star boutique hotel accommodation and a rudimentary cottage industry. Thorngrove has been a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World since 1995. In 1984 the Thorngrove journey began; to create an artistic signature boutique hotel providing inspired and meaningful experiences. With an inherent consciousness to differentiate, Thorngrove’s architecture provides a dynamic and exquisitely crafted environment in which guests respond, providing a journey beyond the destination. Rooms are creative, flexible, evolving and individual, inspired by the architectural tradition of the region.

For Kenneth Lehmann, an architectural visionary with a background in commercial and residential design and a special affinity for creative design and construction, the challenge was to interpret historic and romantic designs in architecture from an Australian contemporary perspective. Thorngrove was not designed to replicate the traditional European country house hotel, but the inspiration would create an Australian boutique hotel, most importantly with a sense of place, and blend into the existing streetscape and surrounding historic buildings. The location selected, was settled in the early days of the Adelaide/South Australian colony by wealthy colonists who built summerhouses in the area, both for prestige and to escape the harsh summers on the plain. The dream was to create a quiet ambient artistic environment; calming rooms in which people would respond to and think about their surroundings, not be faced by a generic contemporary industrial minimalist blankness; eclectic influences with continuity and cooperation, rather than sameness and repetition, created an organic environment with unified interest.

Imagination and foresight, saw the original 1983 design incorporate, an underground carpark, living spaces (rather than rooms) and well-spaced private entries These innovative design concepts ensured Thorngrove’s longevity. The environment is fresh, vital, evolving and constantly upgraded. The same small dedicated staff and supporting businesses have created synergies essential to effective management.

Global associations and networks provide marketing and education from a global perspective and the rare opportunity to work with and learn from overseas hotel luxury specialists have both highlighted the geographic location of the Adelaide Hills and enabled the Thorngrove to create benchmarks in standards and marketing in this state. AAA Tourism uses Thorngrove as a 5-star benchmark for assessor training.

Timelessness and commitment to continual maintenance and refurbishment has ensured Thorngrove has retained its 5-star rating longer than any other accommodation in SA.

Thorngrove proudly and bravely exists outside the square or standard hotel category - it is an experience for the heart and mind – just not another destination to be ticked off a list, but, a remarkable hotel responding to people, the environment and limitless imagination. It has been an unprecedented commitment to attracting luxury travellers to SA. Years of strategic overseas marketing have assisted in creating the brand and identity and created a tourism icon for the region.

Thorngrove Manor Hotel’s 25-year journey is unparalleled in the history of South Australian tourism. Fourteen Ministers of Tourism and six Tourism CEOs/GMs and countless properties have come and gone during this time. We are blessed to have been able to contribute to the development of tourism in South Australia and look forward to future challenges and achievements.

“I congratulate you on reaching the twenty-five year milestone. This is a tremendous achievement, and one of which you should be proud. Thorngrove has been at the forefront of South Australian tourism for a quarter of a century, as 5-star accommodation and as one of our iconic tourism experiences. I am thrilled to read that you have been nominated as a finalist in the HM Awards. Congratulations on the last twenty-five years, and I wish you continued success for the future.” Jane Lomax-Smith: Minister for Tourism on behalf of the Premier.

“Thorngrove is a stunning property, perfectly suited to catering for the high-yield discerning traveller. I commend you on the quality of the presentation of your hotel. The SATC considers the high yield international traveller a key market segment. The development of Thorngrove Manor, 24 years ago, was visionary.” Jane Lomax-Smith: Minister for Tourism.

Thorngrove Manor Thorngrove Manor Thorngrove Manor
Love Story 2050…

Love, robots and vaillains: Bollywood romance meets sci-fi and Thorngrove Manor is where they come together!

In the futuristic Bollywood blockbuster Love Story 2050, Thorngrove Manor is the home of eccentric scientist Dr Yatinder Khanna (played by Doman Irani) who invents a time machine that transports his nephew, Karan (Harman Baweja), and his lover, Sana (Priyanka Chopra), to Mumbai of 2050.

The future Mumbai with flying cars and 200-storey buildings is computerised fantasy; the dramatic scenes shot in South Australia and Thorngrove Manor are real and await you.

Love Story 2050

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