Accommodation at Tynwald
When you stay as a house guest, you’ll sleep in one of the six guestrooms of Tynwald. Each bedroom is special. Each is furnished with genuine antiques – although there’s nothing antique about the electric blankets or the heating! You’ll enjoy your own large fluffy bathrobe and the clean, fresh perfumed soaps and towels that greet you every day you stay. You'll enjoy wandering out onto the Victorian balcony for a look at the views – of the gardens, of the red cliffs opposite, of the huge Derwent Valley sweeping away in either direction. Most of all you’ll enjoy the feeling of welcome that pervades every polished panel of this beautiful home.
Bedroom Breakfast Bedroom
The GranaryThe Granary

If you prefer self-contained accommodation, we have refurbished the old Granary into a delightful cottage with its own facilities. The Granary shares the same views as the house, with the added advantages of a little extra privacy, a little more choice in catering. The doors of the dining room and the guest lounge are of course open to Granary guests at all times.

  • Facilities for people with disabilities: levelled wheelchair access; specially converted ground-floor bedroom with wide doors; bathroom rails, etc.
  • Direct access to tennis court; heated swimming pool; most of the garden.

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