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FAQs for B&B Hosts

Frequently Asked Questions
Listing on BABS How can we list our accommodation on BABS? How long will it take for our BABS listing to be completed?
  • A few days at most.

Making Changes Can changes be made to our BABS listing?
  • Yes… We will update your details without charge.
  • Please email new/revised text + photos.

Links to Your Own Site Can you place a link to our own website?
    • Yes.
    • You link to us; we link to you
    • Our link to your website will be similar in quality to your link to BABs.
      Can we include our property’s star-rating?
      • Yes… BABS has AAA Tourism's authority to quote your star-rating. We can also include your NZ Qualmark rating.

      Does BABS add GST to the listing fee?
      • No.

      What is BABS's ABN (Australian Business Number)?

      • 20 747 509 501

      Can accounts be paid by electronic funds transfer?

      • Yes… but Australian customers only; funds transfers from NZ are too difficult.
      • Bank: Westpac, Ipswich
      • BSB 734 624
      • Account 538987 (The Bed and Breakfast Site)

      Can accounts be paid by credit card?

      • Yes. Details are on all invoices. All credit card payments are made via PayPal.


E-mail: Emaill BABS

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