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Crystal Creek Meadows is set on 6.5 hectares of lush meadows and 1 hectare of formal gardens and lawns. There are dozens of rose varieties, shading the archways and growing amongst the old stock fencing, with strong scents reminiscent of gardens of years gone by.

You might like to sit in the garden in the evening after a bush day spent exploring the district. You certainly won't be alone as the garden has resident (and very tame) ducks, kookaburras, king parrots, galahs, wagtails and warblers.

Out of the gardens, the laneway through the paddocks and past the dam provides a nice relaxing stroll in the evening, or you can sit beside the lake enjoying an evening drink while watching the herons and ducks get ready for nightfall.

If you follow our Crooked Mile Walk, you'll take in the creek, dam, lake and meadows. It's lovely for a casual wander to take in the splendour of Kangaroo Valley, pastures and the escarpments in the distance. Amble down to our creek where tall fir trees offer shade as you dangle your feet in the cool mountain flow. Just the place to enjoy a picnic.

The gardens are all level and easy to walk around, and there is plenty of space for the children to run around or kick a football.

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