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Southern Highlands: Exclusive eco-lodge in Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Outstanding opportunities to observe tropical birdlife.
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Mt Hagen
Papua New Guinea

Guest Rooms : 40 individual guest units.
Toilet/Bath : modern private facilties
Tariff US$ :

Single: from US$660 per person
Twin: from US$530 per person
Inclusive of airport transfers, tours and all meals.
Important: check with operators for latest tariffs.

Loation : Access to Ambua Lodge is either by air transfer from Mount Hagen, Karawari Lodge every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from the Sepik Spirit every Monday and Friday, or by scheduled Air Niugini service from Port Moresby to Tari.
Air transfers to/from Mt Hagen, Karawari or Timbunke from US$375 each way.

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Listed until 2 June 2019.

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The Huts Hut Interior Traditional Huli Bridge
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Lounge Culturally-sensitive Tour Ambua Lodge
Ambua LodgeAmbua Lodge is an inspired mixture of local architecture, spectacular views and modest luxury off the beaten track. Located at 2100 metres in the PNG Southern Highlands, homeland of the Huli clan with their human hair wigs adorned with colourful flowers. Recipient of the 1991 Pacific Asia Travel Association's Pacific Heritage Award which sighted Ambua Lodge as ‘superb example of culturally sensitive and ecological responsible tourism’.

Located in the Tari Gap area, Ambua Lodge borders on pristine mid-montane rainforest at the beginning of the valley grasslands. This location promises the visitor eternal spring weather and views of the Tari Valley. The forest canopy, a dense mass of interlocking tree tops of all shades of green and the occasional bright splash of colour, provides a natural setting and an exhilarating climate for venturing along the nature trails – cross traditional vine bridges, discover a secluded waterfall and spot high-altitude orchids and rhododendrons.

HighlanderTake advantage of the birding in the Tari Gap area where one may chance to observe up to 10 species of the birds of paradise. The flamboyant Huli Wigmen of the Tari Valley have formed a strong bond between themselves and these beautiful birds, men revere the birds by imitating them in both daily and ceremonial life, decorating their human hair wigs with the plumage of only the most beautiful birds.Tari is one of the few places left where men and women can be seen wearing traditional dress as part of daily living and men’s wealth is still counted by the number of pigs and wives they possess. The lodge features Highlands architecture with a main building housing the lounge, bar, dining room, and a cosy centre fireplace. Separate are the video room, heated spa and sauna.

Guests are accommodated in 40 individual units set in a sea of flowers, each unit featuring 180 degree picture windows, modern bathroom, and electric blankets and continental quilts for the cool highland evenings. Ambua generates electricity from its own mini hydroelectric power plant.

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